2016 PKC World Championship Final Play By Play

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Published Date Written by Jerry Moll

Salem, IL -
Saturday October 29, 2016

2016 PKC World Championship Final Cast

Final cast Judge; Mike Hensley
Back Up judge; Terry Gregory
Panel going to the woods; Brad Durham, Bud Hood, Tom Froese
Play By Play Reporter: Brad Durham
Play By Play Announcer: Jarvis Umphers


Thousand Dollar Bill....Wal/M....William E Cochran....Coy Sullivan

Slow Talking Duke....Wal/M....Shabel/Carroll....Mike A. Carroll

Wipeout Jessie Jane....Wal....F....William E Cochran....Billy Bell

The three early round casts have completed.  Once thet get the dogs rounded up, we will get the final cast underway.

Back on the webb site and they are just about ready to cast the dogs. Cast gathered and Brad said a quick prayer, they are now headed acoss a bean field to cast the dogs.
Dogs are cast at 11:30 and Bill is struck for 100 followed by Duke for 75 and Jane.  And before I can absorb all of this; Bill is treed for 100.

Jane and Duke are working to the left, then hit it off hot and Bill lost his nerve and left his tree and joined the race.  Brad says he loaded up right but changed his mind.

 Jane comes to a screeching halt and is treed for 100.


Third tree us closed and cast is walking up to get closer, Jane is about 500 yards in from the cast,

Tree is closed, we'er coming to look, Bill is hooked up with a long range hot one;

Tree dead looking tree in a clean woods, quite likely a den tree, Coy is doing the sportsman thing and beating on the tree;

Duke takes a strike minus.

 Jane has bad luck, cast could not find a place for Mr. Coon to hide and she takes 150-

Duke strikes back in for 25 and treed for 100; Jane is recast;




Bill is still out looking for the Big Coon; Jane is struck back in for 25; Cast is walking to Duke's tree; Brad says things are not real exciting and we need to send Love and Dial to liven things up a little.

Cast is almost to Duke, he is straight down a tree line next to a bean field, he is treed up a big leafy oak on the edge of the bean field.

Tree is circled, two judges and cast members saw the coon but the handler nor judge saw him, after shine time was up the whole coon appears for everyone to see. (lotsa luck involved in this game)

Bill has found a tree that smells interesting and has been called treed. Duke has been recast.  Cast headed toward Bill; 2 a working, Bill got caught him, another 100-

Seem like all the dogs are tired and about ready to rest up and get ready for church in the morning.

Score update:  Duke 75- (200 circle);

Jane:  150-;

Bill: 200-

Bill and Jane are working an old track in front of us about 250 yards away.

Duke struck back in for 25, stationary is working on Bill and Coy is looking out across the woods.  Cast members are asking questions about maybe the play by play is dead again.  Duke is taking samples of Bills tree and singing "should I stay or should I go".

Duke decided to stay and is called treed for 100. It did not work out for the best and he is minus 100 and then retreed for 100.  Jane is over towards Duke and Bill is working track in the opposite direction.  Jane is treed on the tree with Duke for 75; third tree is dead and cast is walking thataway.

Jane is bearing down pretty hard, but Duke is beginning to sound like he wished he had not stopped.  (Sometime that is when you see the eyes)

 One hour to go and they need for business to pick up, so far they are looking like some of the dogs in my kennel.  Cast arrived and Duke was off the tree, Jane was handled.

Den tree, Jane is circled

Jane leading cast with 150- with circle tree

Duke has 275- with circle tree

Bill has 200- no circle tree

 Six is working on Bill and Coy is wanting to walk, Garmin shows him over a half mile away.  He finally barks and Duke and Jane are recast.

Stationary on Bill, don't think Coy wants it very bad.

Bill is treed for 100, third tree is closed and cast is a-walking.

Duke has been struck back in for 25 and is now treed behind cast for 100. Still walking to Bill.

Cast is having to walk around a CRP field to get to where Bill is treed.  Duke is still treed behing them and there is only a little over 30 minutes left.  Probably take most of the remainder of the hunt to score Duke.

 Cast is getting close to Bill tree, most cast members nursing some briar scratches:  Arrived at tree and he is treed on a small tree leaning acorss a ditch:  don't take but a minute and someone hollers "here he is".  Plus him up.





Jane has been struck for 25 and treed for 100.  Bill is leash locked as they make their way back to score Duke and Jane.
If my calculations are correct, neither Jane or Duke can beat Bill for first place and will determine second and third by the way these trees are scored.
The cast came back close to where Jane was treed first and are going to score them out of order.  One quick look and the evidence is found plus her up 125+
This locks up the cast; the finals for 2016 will forever by:




(Cast did not score Duke's last tree since it would not make any difference in the cast either way it was scored.)


2016 PKC Youth World Championship Final Play By Play

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Published Date Written by Jerry Moll

Salem, IL -
Saturday October 22, 2016

2016 PKC Youth World Championship Final Cast

Final cast Judge; Willie Thrift
Back Up judge; Charles Payton
Panel going to the woods; James Love, David Dial, Payton Roberson
Play By Play Reporter: Amy Thomas
Play By Play Announcer: Jarvis Umphers


Michael Box, hunting; Sipsey River Speck, owned by Michael Box

Mason Williams, hunting; Classic Country Queen, owned by Troy Williams

Wendel Bruton, hunting; Rock Bottom Trouble, owned by Charlie Bruton

 We have all the dogs and handlers ion all gathered up and are headed to the woods,  be here with action shortley

 Just arrived at the hunting spot, corn fields are cut and the deer are having a field day.  Maybe the coon are too.

Cast at 10:56.  One is barking under the minute but has not been struck.

Speck struck for 100; Trouble struck for 75.

Kind of a bad track and dogs are just pecking around but beginning to move away.

We are tighening up.

Trouble is treed for 100 and Speck also looks up for 75.

Cast arrives at tree and Trouble has his toes dug in blowing the leaves off but Speck is off somewhere looking for a bigger coon, he draws 75-;

Big eyes are found and Trouble is plus 175 and walking the minute.

Troube is cut again and Queen is struck a long ways in the other direction.

Cast headed up the ridge to get a little better listen. Six a-workin; broke; Trouble struck back in for 25.  House dogs are getting involved in the action making it hard to hear, cast moving further up the ridge.

Trouble is really the only one close enough to hear well.

Six a working and broken, dogs are working but not a lot happening right now.

Stationary working on the Trouble;

Yep and Trouble treed. Sounds like someone else may be making tree music behind the cast. 

These young folks already know that its better to be slow and right than quick and wrong.

Dog behind us does not get treed and is looking a little further.  Cast headed to check Trouble on his second tree.

 Speck gets treed in for 25 just before time is up.

They are in a little creek bottom and treed up a tree with a raccoon in it. PLUS+++++

Scores as the presently stand:

TROUBLE - 300+

SPECK - 50+

QUEEN - 50 Strike (pending)

Got a dog back on the same tree that we just scored and think it may be trouble (looking for trouble)

Looks like he got a better idea and moved on.

Queen is not treed for 100 and sounding good,  trouble struck for 25 with a line.

Trouble still has that last coon on his mind.  All three dogs are in three different directions.

Got the stationare working on Trouble.

Queen just got quiet, two-a-workin.  Shucks she got minus for moving

Speck treed for 100.

Queen treed back in for 100

Cast headed to Queen, cast is splitting to go to different trees.

 Sluggo found a coon asleep laying in a fork while they were walking to the dogs, If I could get papers on him, I would take him hunting.

Still a-walking to Queen, she sure sounded closer before we started walking, our reporter has the "sweat rag" out.  She is treed on the bank of a small pond.

The rest of the cast was found to be following on the way to Queen's tree, Yep, Speck drew 100 minus.

Shining Queen's tree now, not much time left in the cast.

Just found that the Stationary was actually running on Speck instead of Trouble.  Trouble has not been in involved

Scoring Queens tree!!!

 Hunt is over and Wendel Burton with Trouble is our 2016 YOUTH WORLD CHAMPION!  As soon as we finish shining Queen's tree, we will know who is reserve Champion and who is third place.

Tree is dead and no coon is found so she is circled up leaving her with 100 minus and third place.  She made them walk and sweat, but when she got there she was back close to the truck.

SPECK; finished the cast with 50 minus and is RESERVE CHAMPION.




2016 PKC National Championship Play By Play

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Published Date Written by Jerry Moll

Flora, IL -
Sunday June 26, 2016

We will be bringing you the 2016 PKC National Championship Play By Play tonight from Flora, Illinois starting around 9:00 PM CDT.  I will be posting information about the finalists as time allows. 

16NationalFinalist Bone

PCH Posted Land Bone is owned by Drew/Stallard/Shabel of Greenville, Ohio and handled by Jeff Stallard of Tiffin, Ohio. Bone’s lifetime earnings to this point are $23,984.20. Jeff’s lifetime earnings to this point are $168,134.12.



16NationalFinalist Clone

PCH Fireproof Clone, owned by Bob Dudley of Opelika, Alabama and handled by Layne Leverette of Petersburg, Tennessee. Clone’s lifetime earnings to this point are $46,008.04. Layne’s lifetime earnings to this point are $64,750.09.




Shown above left to right behind the 2016 PKC National Championship Final Cast is Judge Shane Patton, Panel Member Stephen Campbell, Guide & Play By Play Texter Cole Dial, Panel Member Jim Frederick and Purina's Larry Walters.  Not shown are Back Up Judge Mark Pruemer, and Panel Member Kevin Pruemer.

16NatFinalLayne Jeff

Shown above, left to right, are final cast handlers Jeff Stallard and Layne Leverette.
It's gonna' be a steamy one tonight.  For Go Time, the weatherman is calling for scattered thunderstorms, 80 degrees, with 80% humidity. There will be a slight northwest wind. 

The 2016 PKC National Championship Final Cast has left the Charley Brown Park in Flora, headed northeast toward the timber
We've had a couple of pop up thunderstorms in the last hour or so, looks like it's tapering off.  Should be great hunting!!
Cast has arrived at the woods, collaring up, cleaning out and thanking the Lord!
The dogs will be sent down toward a big river bottom. The cast is walking down an old two-track farm lane with hardwood timber on both sides
Jeff and Shane are splashing in the puddles
The dogs are cast into the dark at 9:20 CDT
Clone has been struck in the minute for 100, followed by Bone for 75
Bone is swinging left handed and Clone is heading straight away
The light rain has returned
Clone has been declared treed for 100
Rain picking up some
Heading the direction of Clone
Rain has slowed way down, Patton is smiling
Tree is dead, will be there shortly
Clone is across a pretty good slough, everyone is up to their knees in mud
We have arrived, Clone is handled on a big leafy tree
Layne is sinking in the mud while he shines the tree from the back side
The eight minutes have expired with no eyes being seen, circle her up 200c
Walking Clone her minute
Six is on Bone
Bad lick for Bone & Jeff, the six got him, minus 75-
Clone has been recast
The cast is taking a power aid break, waiting on a strike
Clone has opened and is struck for 100
Cast tightening up
Six working on Clone
Six broke, dodged a bullet
Some game changing action, Bone is struck for 75 behind the cast
Bone treed for 100
Five is workin'
Tree is dead, cast still working that-a-way
Cast has stopped to work the two on Bone, Jeff holds his breath
Two is broke, the cast continues
Bone is found on a nice oak and is handled
Eyes are found, PLUS HIM UP 175+
We are about ready for the half-time show with Bone leading the contest at 100+ to Clone's 200 circle with 100 pending strike points
Jeff is asking Layne, "Didn't you say you wanted to hunt just an hour Bud"?
The cast is easing back toward Clone with Bone on the chain before applying the six
With only 50 minutes remaining in the hunt, I'm sure both handlers are considering the magnitude of this prestigious win along with the $8,000 separation between first and second places
Clone opens, breaking the six and Bone is cut toward her
As the cast is walking through a thicket, Clone is declared treed for 100
Clone's tree is way past dead, but she is very deep in the country, cast is still walking
Clone is handled at a leafy tree along the creek
After a little searching, plus her up 200+
That's a game changer, now Clone 200+ with Bone at 100+ 
About 17 minutes to hunt
Everyone is HOT and wearing down, Stephen Campbell has reportedly offered $100 for a gatorade
The Pruemer Boys are a tough lot, they have not broken a sweat yet
Close is loose again
Bone is stuck for 100, Clone for 75
Tree Bone 100 Deeeeep
Two working on Bone
Two is broke, the cast continues that way
Hunt time expires, Clone's 75 strike points are deleted
Bone's tree will determine the National Champion
Cast has arrived at Bone's tree, scoring now
Plus him up!!!
Bone finishes with 300+ and Clone is second with 200+
PCH Posted Land Bone is the 2016 PKC National Champion!!!

2016 PKC Fall Super Stakes Senior Final - Play By Play

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Published Date Written by Jerry Moll

Salem, IL -
Saturday October 1, 2016

Hardwood Moe, a Treeing Walker Male, owned by Matt Bolton, handled by Timothy Stone

16SSSrFinal HwdMoePic
16SSSrFinal HwdMoePed

All Grand Outlaw G-Man, a Redbone Male, owned by Modern Day Outlaws, handled by Tony Dominguez

16SSSrFinal GManPic
16SSSrFinal GManPed

Spring Hollow Major Pain, a Treeing Walker Male, owned and handled by David Blake

16SSSrFinal MajorPic
16SSSrFinal MajorPed

Mrs Direct Drive, a Treeing Walker Female, owned by Zach McBee, handled by Doug Douglas

16SSSrFinal MrsDrivePic
16SSSrFinal MrsDrivePed

Judges: Mike Hensley/Bud Hood
Guide: Bobby Patton

 Dogs handlers, judges & guides getting final photo and ready to leave clubhouse.  Slight drizzel and temp in the 60, should be a good night.  Should be ready to cast in about an hour.

Hope to have some news in the next half hour.

Cast is at the hunt site, collaring up and getting last minute instructions from the judge team, be on the road in a few minutes.

 Dogs are cast at 7:46

David has treed Major for 100, dogs are scattered all over.  Cast can look forward to a lot of walking.

Coon was too hard to find and the tree was circled.

Drive has found a tree he likes and is treed for 100.  Moe is struck back in for 25 with a line. 

Drive is treed on a big oak and the cast is searching.

Could not find the coon in Drive's tree either. Ciircle.

Strike Drive for 25
Stationary on Moe
Yep, Ole Moe gets called treed

Yep, G-Man finds a tree in the other direction


Scores as we stand right now:

Moe has 100 Circle and 125 pending
G'Man has 125 pending
Major has 200 circle
Drive 150 circle

Ole Moe has a better idea and takes 100 minus on tree

Cast headed to G'Man

Moe treed again and Drive treed for 75


looking at G'man's tree, it is another big oak and hard to get a light in.  Need one of them new-fangled squallers or a "heat seaker"

Major treed for 100 a long was thru the country.  All four dogs are treed in three different places

G'Man gets circled up.

On the was to score Moe and Drive; Moe has 125 pending with 100-.  Drive has 100 pending with no minus.

Cast is scoring Moe and Drive, Major is still waiting.

And there are no eyes in this tree either


Drive 250 circle
Major with 200 Circle and 125 pending
G'Man with 125 circle
Moe with 100-

Somewhere around 30 minutes left to Dhunt.

Major is treed on a rather small tree
No evidence is found and he is minus
Dogs are cut again.

Moe is striking for 100
Drive strikes for 75

Drive is still leading cast with 250 circle
Outlaw is second wth 125 circle
Moe is third with 100-
Major is fourth with 125-

Not very much time to change the score!!

Dogs are wallowing around with a cold track in a cow pasture.

 Outlaw joins Major struck for 25 and treed for 100 in the same breath a long ways for 100.

The two is working, If he stays and has his coon he will go from worst to first.

 First was just a fleeting thought, the two bit him and he takes 100-








2016 PKC Fall Super Stakes Junior Final - Play By Play

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Published Date Written by Jerry Moll

Salem, IL -
Saturday October 1, 2016

WTF Bone Collector's Lacey, a Treeing Walker Female, owned by WTF Kennels, handled by James Bassage

16SSJrFinal LaceyPic
16SSJrFinal LaceyPed

Why Not Lil Bill, a Treeing Walker Male, owned by Michael Schuerer, handled by Dustin Weed

16SSJrFinal BillPic

16SSJrFinal BillPed

Old Duke, a Treeing Walker Male, owned by Jr McFalls, handled by Travis Snyder

16SSJrFinal DukePic

16SSJrFinal DukePed

The Bull, a Treeing Walker Male, owned and handled by Mark Fogus

16SSJrFinal BullPic

16SSJrFinal BullPed

Judges: Shane Patton/Cody Mayne
Guide: Jerry Ratterman

The Play By Play will be reported from the woods by Cody Mayne and the reporter at the computer is Tony Secoy.

 The Final Cast Pictures have been taken and the cast has been informed by their guide that they need to meet at 7:15 CST to head to the woods.

It is a dark, dreary, misty rain night, and it looks like a night that the raccoons would enjoy stirring in. Hopefully when the cast arrives at hunting spot we will have action shortly. Stay tuned here...

The cast is headed to the woods and they should be there shortly and as soon as they arrive we will let you know and we should have action shortly after they arrive.

The cast has arrived and we should be getting under way, short like...

The dogs are cast at 8:09 CST...


Bill struck for 100 under the minute followed by Bull for 75 and Duke for 50 right after the minute...


After working for a while Bill is treed for 100 with Bull joining him for 75...

Duke is still working and nothing from Lacey yet...


The cast has arrived at Bill & Bull's tree and they are shining. Lacey has been struck for 25 and treed for 100 while Duke is at large...


Mr Coon was in hiding, so they circled Bill & Bull's tree, walking the minute and headed to Lacey's tree...


They were cast and Bull is struck for 25...


They are shining Lacey's tree and Bill is struck for 25...


Plus Lacey up! She had the goods...
walking the minute to recast....


Lacey 125+
Bill 200 Circle
Bull 150 Circle
Duke 50 strike pending


They have used 33 minutes...


Stationary working on Bull...


2 working on the stationary....


Lacey struck for 25 and stationary applied to her...


Lacey treed for 100 staionary is off of Bull he is deep the other way and they are headed towards Lacey...


Circle Lacey up and Bill was struck for 25 and treed for 100 and then Bull is treed for 100, as well about 3/4 mi away the other direction...


 Duke is at large and has not been heard from...


 The cast is at Bill's tree shining and Cody and Mark are headed to Bull's tree so it may be a while until we have a report on these two trees...


Bill's tree didn't take long to shine and had the evidence...


Bill now has 125+ along with Lacey...


Duke is heard from tree him for 100!!!


Cody is at Bull's tree with the handler enjoying the night, waiting on the rest of the cast to get there...


Plus Bull up giving him 125+ along with Lacey and Bill...


Duke's tree could very well make the difference of who is the winner. It could move Duke from fourth to First!!!!


Bull says he isn't finished yet strike and tree him once again!


If I have the reporting correct here is how they stand at this time with trees pending.

Bill 125+ with 200 circle
Bull 125+ with 150 circle and 125 pending
Lacey 125+ with 125 circle
Duke 150 pending


Circle bull so that changes the lead with Duke's tree still pending...

Bull 125+ with 275 circle
Bill 125+ with 200 circle
Lacey 125+ with 125 circle
Duke 150 pending


The reporter is where they have lost service so as soon as we know we will relay.


They have reported that Duke is still way thru the country and has been treed for an hour they are headed to hinm to score the tree and see how and where he finishes. This tree could change everyone's placement!


We finally have the report and DUKE is the new Junior Super Stakes Champion he had the coon that won it, moving him from 4th to 1st!

2nd Bull 125+ with 275 circle
3rd Bill 125+ with 200 circle
4th Lacey 125+ with 125 circle


CONGRATULATIONS TO Jr McFalls, Travis Snyder and Old Duke!



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