Pro Classic State Standings

Dog NameBornBreedSexNameAmount WonState
Is It Good To You Jameson21WalkerMCavin Collins$2,250.00GA
PCH Heather Island Doc Holliday19WalkerMRainey Or Lunday Or Rains$2,250.00GA
SCH Rough Mtn Tracy15WalkerFByron Walker$2,000.00IA
GCH Bto16WalkerMBingham Or Snodgrass$1,550.00IA
CH Heather Island Lincoln15WalkerMRainey Or Rains$1,200.00AR
PCH Satilla River Mary Jane19WalkerFPerryman Or Perryman Or Odum$1,187.50GA
PCH Ice Cold Bud17WalkerMHardeman Or Hall Or Pursley$1,187.50GA
CH Late Night King George20BluetickMDustin T. Wommack$1,187.50GA
PCH Wipeout Abbie19WalkerFGentry Or Wolf$1,100.00AL
PCH Willy's Conor Mcgregor19WalkerMBilly Wolf$1,100.00AL
SCH Cane Creek Crazy18WalkerFNorris Or Haynes$1,100.00AL
GCH The Coon Buster19WalkerMPerrin Or Perrin$1,100.00AL
SCH Hellboys Only Reezen18WalkerMWhite Or Wommack$1,100.00GA
SCH Hardeman's Wallstreet17WalkerMCress Hardeman$1,100.00GA
PCH Heather Island Hott Nu Cowboy17WalkerMRainey Or Lunday Or Rains$850.00GA
CH Stormy Daniels19WalkerFChris Roberson$850.00GA
SCH Money To Blow19WalkerMFrisby Or Reynolds$780.00AR
GCH Uncle Walter17WalkerMParker Reece$750.00AR
SCH No Gamble Put'em To Sleep19WalkerMAdam Campbell$750.00AR
CH The "wicked" Odor18EnglishMAaron M. Crow$750.00AR
PCH Half Time Salt16CrossFGeorge E. Major Jr$750.00AR
SCH F&l's Ruger Train17WalkerMF & L Kennels$570.00AR
CH S&m Wipeout Wax19WalkerMKieling Or Mitchum$550.00GA
Pine Bottom Electric Cowboy21WalkerMTy Flanders$550.00GA
SCH Big Money's Charm17WalkerFTidwell Or Moody$450.00AR


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