SCH Ragged Ridge Six Pack14RedMKris Collins$1,775.08MS
PCH All Grand Outlaw G-Man13RedMModern Day Outlaws$1,372.00tx
SCH Ja & Sons Fishcreek Redbull15RedMJesse L Zbojniewicz$980.50mt
CH Book Em Hattie16RedFRichey Or O'mary$823.00MS
CH Coon Commander Big Red15RedMDooly Or Prestley$780.25LA
CH Timber Rockin Ruby Red19RedFCrawford Or Gordon$569.50SC
CH Dj's Little Red Sangria15RedFDj Williams$381.33MI
PCH Mosquito Crk Danno's Buggs15RedFBingham Or Bingham Or Shabel$355.50IA
Charles Dickens17RedMLes Hill$352.50AL
PCH Burger's Cock Ur Pistol14RedMBurger Or Shabel$306.00TX
2 Gain Plow16RedFJaycee Rae Haislip$279.00TN
Millcreeks Red18RedMJeff Murphy$256.50IL
Tree Slammin Red Rufus14RedMLuke Phillips$199.50TN
Wade's Swamp Cyanide17RedMWade Kuhns$182.00PA
Indiana's Freak Shot18RedMMike Rollins$174.00IN
Flint River Red Stone16RedMKerry Rooks$171.00GA
SCH Stateline's Smoking Kate14RedFCarolyn J. Reep$168.00nc
Pineywood Mafia's Bandit19RedMAlex Mcdougle$165.00LA
CH Don The Dominator18RedMAdam Lundy$160.50AL
Indian Creek Red Queen19RedFChad Cartwright$144.00IL
CH Forest Creek Spider Man14RedMRodger Shabel$127.00SC
Living Waters Sunny16RedFNoah Clark$126.00MS
CH Big Walnut's River Banks18RedMJared Hutcheson$126.00IN
River Bottom's Red Ryder17RedMSheffield Or Cook$110.00GA
CH A Lot Of Red Bull18RedMRussell H Lee$108.00AL
Crimson River Praise19RedFShabel Or Elliott$108.00AL
CH Dry Valley Wild N Sassy13RedFStan Morris$72.00MO
C's Timber Kate15RedFKenny P. Burk$72.00TN
O'mary's Trump18RedMWayne O'mary$67.50AL
Burk's River Bottom's Otis13RedMKenny P. Burk$66.00TN
Clinton County Nitetime Amber19RedFLyle Stephens$63.00CN
Chattahoochee Jack14RedMJoseph Forshee$63.00AL
Indian Creek Red Chaos16RedMChad Cartwright$54.00IL
Scarlett Grove Ragin Jack19RedMCameron Ogle$54.00CN
Wade's Hardwood Stix20RedFWade Kuhns$54.00PA
Dry Valley Wild Bubba15RedMClay Richey$54.00MO
Yorks Tutone Bee17RedFMark York$54.00NH
CH Grand Rivers Ok Apache Kid11RedMMarissa Turner$54.00OK
Wild N Red Echo17RedFTim Depew$50.00IN
Shannons Va Red 3 Pete17RedMShannon Walters$50.00VA


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