CH Indian Ridge Arrow21EngMWendell Jones$608.00TN
GCH Hardtime Spik17EngMNorton Or Hammonds$531.50TN
CH Cedar Creek Eagle21EngMDakota Welsh$506.00KS
CH Ridges Midnight Cry21EngMDarren Ridge$468.00IN
SCH Judy Creek Big Horn Ginger20EngfOglesby Or Oglesby Or Steed$436.00AL
GCH Hardtime Awesome's Speck16EngMNorton Or Hammonds$409.50TN
CH Bishop's Hardtime Whitey18EngMAustin Bishop$392.50VA
SCH Bc General Lee17EngMDan Meuser$346.00IN
CH Pokie River Charlie21EngFGary Kay$264.50WV
SCH Phillips Hardtime Scooter18EngMBasil Phillips$237.00OH
CH Running River21EngMJon Smith$222.25WV
SCH Heatseeker Unleash The Kraken19EngMHack Or Whitmer$220.00OH
Tennessee Star21EngFRandy Jowers$219.00TN
CH Rivertown Uncle Joe21EngMJc Albright$206.25WV
CH Swift Creek Belle17EngFJimmy W. Peake Jr$182.00SC
SCH Heatseeker Sargent Striker19EngMWood Or Whitmer$144.00NY
CH Red White And Crazy18EngFTyler Young$144.00AR
GCH Hardlucks Loudmouth Big Lee17EngMChris Harley$126.00SC
Tennessee Titan21EngMWendell Jones$126.00TN
Ten Mile Ck Blue Eye Slim21EngMJerry Deal$126.00GA
Oakwoods Judy21EngFOakwood's North$126.00MI
Monster Mutt21EngMJustin Clark$123.00IN
PCH Lil Sneaky18EngFCarey Or Shabel$110.00TN
7-Oaks Baby Girl19EngFKyle E Stoops$110.00ME
Big Mike's Buck20EngMMichael Webster$110.00WV
Lil Swig21EngFCaleb Carey$110.00TN
Dirt Road Ace21EngMByron Lee Hatton$108.00AL
CH Hatchie River Hook21EngMMitchell Kennels$104.00IN
CH Lim's Ugly As Sin20EngMLance Myers$100.00IA
SCH Oakwoods Dollar Bill20EngMOakwoods Mo$100.00MO
Hardtime Hank16EngMBradley Allen$83.00NC
GCH The Wicked High Dollar Thrill19EngFTony Smith$72.00GA
Roan Mtn Ruger19EngMJustin Gurley$72.00NC
GCH Dirty Rudy19EngMBeck Or Martindale$72.00pa
CH Crow's River Swamp Disco21EngFOdom Or Tanner$72.00GA
Smith Hardtime Jingle Jangle19EngMAllen Smith$72.00IN
Cornbread21EngFNoel Allen$72.00OH
tall Oaks Ricki22EngFRussell J. Malcolm$72.00PA
CH Hardtime Moonshine15EngMLand Or Brogdon$72.00GA
CH Bad News Bella16EngFJeremy Hunley$63.00MD


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