SCH Spiderbranch Ol Ruby16EngFClayton Smith$844.25AR
SCH Heather Isl Late Night Bo Show17EngMRainey Or Lunday Or Rains$843.38FL
SCH Last Chance Hank14EngMManning Jr Or Young$811.00TX
CH Rocky Valleys Big Frankie17EngMMike Mcclane$788.00TN
CH Lil Sneaky18EngFCaleb Carey$778.50TN
SCH Hardluck Mabel87EngFPaul Maupin$742.00TN
PCH The "wicked" Vapor13EngMSmith Or Shabel$701.00GA
SCH Bogue Chitto River Whiskey13EngMHeath Spears$508.66LA
CH Bc General Lee17EngMDan Meuser$494.50IN
CH The Wayfaring Stranger14EngMBaldwin Or Rhymer$465.50TN
CH Hatchie River Jo Jo17EngFMurray Ragan$447.00TN
CH Lord Have Mercy14EngMJody Weaver$344.00TN
CH Rocky Creek Batman17EngMJamie Estep$286.20WV
CH Hardtime Awesome Sauce17EngMSavanna Brooks$261.00WI
CH Funky Chicken12EngMLewis D. Linkous$245.00TN
CH Trios Nightime Spik17EngMTerry Jones$243.00TN
CH Cedar Creek Flash14EngMDakota Welsh$198.00KS
Carters Roscoe15EngMHarold Carter$187.50OK
Waterboy19EngMBishop Stallcop$184.50IN
Timber Rattlin Bookie18EngMBartlett Kimbrough$182.00AL
SCH Kays Cool Hand Luke15EngMGary Kay$182.00WV
CH Kettle Hollow Karma18EngFAndy Lichlyter$180.00TN
Scooby Boo18EngMJarett Wolfe$164.00AR
Taylor's Big Willow Hammer13EngMDwayne Taylor$162.00NC
Poison Pete15EngMCharles Taylor Jr$161.38AL
Woodys Boy Rock18EngMKenny James$150.25AL
Leslie's Real Daisy Mae13EngFLouis Slepski$144.00OH
G2's Trimmed In Copper18EngMRonald L. Gatons$130.50IL
CH Big River Homeboy12EngMThomas Miller$127.50OH
Ridges Uncle Cracker19EngMDarren Ridge$126.00IN
PCH Rocky Hill Cold Hard "b"11EngFStewart Or Crowson Or Mccaskill$126.00OK
CH Cedar Creek Pearl16EngFDakota Welsh$125.00KS
SCH Red Ruby Hardtime Cooper16EngMIsch Or Isch$122.50IN
Maxwell's Little Joeboy13EngMHayden Maxwell$122.00TN
CH Tart's Penny16EngFMorris Tart$122.00NC
Timberjack Hardtime Bell19EngFEdward J. Esposti, Jr.$117.00PA
Swags Hatchie River Zoey19EngFBrendan E Taylor$117.00MD
SCH Northfork Bottom Big Bobby15EngMBobby Mcbride$117.00TN
CH Timberjack Hardtime Betty13EngFEdward J. Esposti, Jr.$117.00PA
CH Chaser's Mighty Rufus15EngMManuel Mowery$117.00TN


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