SCH Timber Rockin Ruby Red19RedFJerry D. Crawford Jr$620.50SC
CH Take It To The Cross Dove18RedFRohdeman Or Stark$528.33AR
CH Broke & Busted22RedMDerek Fox$352.50TN
CH Big Walnut's River Banks18RedMNs Kennels$350.00IN
CH Wild Evaki17RedFJon Van Der Weide$220.00IA
CH Indian Creek Red Queen19RedFCartwright Or Shabel$220.00IL
SCH Bankrupt Money Baby16RedFModern Day Outlaws$220.00TX
CH All Night Case Xx16RedMJt Kelly$210.00SC
All Grand Outlaw Rev20RedMRobert Blackburn$165.00TX
Taylor's Rattler21RedMRoyce L. Taylor$165.00MS
CH Charles Dickens17RedMLes Hill$138.00AL
CH Trout Creek Pistol Paige19RedFCalk Or Shabel$110.00LA
Bear Creek Ann19RedFTracey Decker$91.66KY
CH Dry Valley Ravishing Ruby20RedFStan Morris$72.00MO
Shannons Va Red 3 Pete17RedMShannon Walters$72.00VA
G-Man's Spot21RedMDeborah Harwood$72.00IN
CH Long Branch Ace20RedMRobert Anderson$63.00NC
Ing's Ruby Red Pepper15RedFGene Ing$60.00IL
CH Praise19RedFMike Egelhoff$54.00IL


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