SCH Burger's Cock Ur Pistol14RedMClint Burger$1,844.63TX
SCH Stateline's Smoking Kate14RedFCarolyn J. Reep$1,120.00nc
CH Big Ridge Psalm13RedMSimmons Or Tipper$952.50AL
CH Trout Cr Bookum Twisted Rage15RedFCalk Or Smith$646.50LA
CH L's Bella16RedFRichard C. Lambert$495.00TN
River Creek Crow17RedMJoe Smith$432.50MS
SCH Fishcreek's Shesa Freak13RedFWalker Or Lundy$290.00AL
CH Ragged Ridge Six Pack14RedMKris Collins$254.66MS
Book Em Hattie16RedFGuillot Or Dooly$237.00AR
CH Twin Porch's Rose08RedFBrandon Porch$225.00VA
Maple Lure Ranger Jack12RedMCameron Ogle$189.00CN
Big Walnut's Hard Time Cash15RedMJared Hutcheson$183.00IN
CH Night Stalker Red Roxie11RedFScott Perkey$172.83PA
Danno's High Dollar Ruby15RedFKasey Dooly$168.25LA
CH Rocky Branch Little Ann13RedFDaniel Branham$164.00SC
CH One Chance Fancy13RedFJared Hutcheson$144.00IN
CH Nebraskas Red Divine14RedFPat Buderus$138.00NE
Shannons Va Red 3 Pete17RedMShannon Walters$136.50VA
CH Cat Scratch Fever15RedFHallada Or Maxey$127.50IN
Graves Red Smiley12RedMJon Van Der Weide$120.00IA
Jon Henry Hi Ridge Ace14RedMMurrell W. Thomas$118.80KY
GCH All Grand Outlaw G-Man13RedMModern Day Outlaws$116.00TX
GCH Book Um Danno09RedMDooly Or Dooly$110.00LA
Eagle Creek Red Hawk11RedMSharpe Or Freezon$104.00SC
PCH Mosquito Crk Danno's Buggs15RedFBingham Or Bingham Or Shabel$102.00IA
CH Shannon's Virginia Red Roc14RedMShannon Walters$100.83VA
Wheeler's All Maxxed Out16RedMBlake Wheeler$99.00GA
Williams The Race Is On14RedFAislynn Williams$87.00MO
CH Hutch's Big Walnut Boone10RedMRichard C. Lambert$83.00TN
Dry Valley Wild N Sassy13RedFStan Morris$82.33MO
Mcafee's Red Hot Chili15RedFClay Mcafee$80.00AL
Dixieland Red John 3:1612RedMEarl Bellemore$72.00FL
Smiths Tennessee Whiskey17RedFSpencer R Smith$72.00IL
Groves Red Scarlet13RedFCameron Ogle$72.00CN
B&c Clifford16RedMJustin Haddon$72.00in
Lewis' Wh Spooky Jake15RedMPete Lewis$72.00AL
Barnyards Smoking Dan16RedMMichael Honey$72.00TN
Outlaw Moonlight Macaroni16RedFShane Maxey$66.00IN
Way To Much Buck17RedMClark Mcelhenney$63.00AL
Dry Valley Miss Kitty12RedFStan Morris$60.00MO


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