A Tribute to "Do It All Bubba"

Evansville, Indiana
January 19, 2021


Dogs find their way into our lives either by choice or by chance.

Parrish and Ginn’s Do it all Bubba was no exception. Bubba was sired by a couple of good old country rabbit dogs of Billy Ray Parrish and Shane Ginn.

Billy Ray decided to take him and release him on the family farm to roam free where he often took his other dogs to run. After some time Billy Ray returned to the farm to find that Bubba had started running rabbits. After that, Shane had Bubba for several years and gun hunted him, making him the rabbit dog that he became.

It was then in 2011, Billy Ray and Shane found out about the rabbit division of PKC. They decided to give it a shot and take Bubba to his first hunt in Lewisburg, KY. That was the beginning of Bubba’s hunts in PKC.

Throughout his time in PKC hunts he won a total of $10,037.25, naming him the first platinum champion. The majority of Bubba’s earnings came from small club hunts.

In the years 2013 and 2014 he won Hound of the Year.

In February of 2013 Bubba won the KY State hunt held in Princeton, KY.

Then, in 2014 Bubba placed 2nd in the National Championship. In October of 2014, he won the Male vs Female Shoot-Out in Elkton, KY, winning a total close to $1,500 in cash and prizes.

In December 2014, at Princeton, KY, he was entered into a pro hunt where the two finalists split the win, earning him $660.00, which was the largest amount that Bubba had ever earned at one time. Bubba was only ever entered into two pro hunts and in both the finalists split the win.

Dollar, a pup sired by Bubba, is the all-time money winning hound as of January 16, 2021 with a total of $13,525.

Another of Bubba’s pups, Mike, won the 2016 World Championship in Elkton, KY. Mike was also the first Gold Champion. Mike was the 2018 National Champion. He has a lifetime earnings of $10,104.54.

Bubba sired 115 pups during his lifetime. A majority of his pups and grand pups have won titles in every major event PKC has held. All together they have a total winnings of $68,924.42.

Death is a part of life, but something we aren’t always ready to accept. Bubba is now gone, but his accomplishments will forever be remembered and his legacy lives on with his pups and grand pups. Do It All Bubba 05/15/2008 to 01/13/2021.


Mt Orab, Ohio Pro Hunt Results

PKC Pro Hunt Results
Mt Orab, Ohio
Saturday • January 16, 2021

OH MtOrab Pro 011621
2ND.....Stewart's Jermiah Bentley.....Bill Stewart.....Bill Stewart
3RD.....Lark.....Lawrence Tudor.....Lawrence Tudor
1ST.....Live Action Cooper's Pickle.....Jim Willoughby.....Jim Willoughby

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McMinnville, TN Pro Hunt Results

PKC Pro Hunt Results
McMinnville, Tennessee
Saturday • December 12, 2020

TN McMinnville Pro 121220 F2

Nick Hurt – Owner/Handler

Jump One Kennel – Owner
Jason Roberts – Handler

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Jake Wins 2020 Tennessee State Championship!

2020 Tennessee State Championship
Estill Springs, Tennessee
Saturday October 24, 2020
$500 Added Purse

Congratulations to Jake, owner by S&R Roll On Kennls, and handled by P J Hogeland as the 2020 PKC Tennessee State Champion!  Shown with Sam Davis and Reagan Wilson.
TN StCh 20


Stone Wins Bainbridge, Ohio Pro Hunt!

H&H Pro Hunt
Bainbridge, Ohio
Saturday • October 17, 2020

Congratulations to Stone, owned by Tudor/Canes, and handled by Lawrence Tudor of Alkol, WV, as th winner of the Bainbridge, Ohio H&H Pro Hunt on Saturday 10/17/20!
oh bainbridge pro 101720
1st.....Stone.....Tudor/Canes.....Lawrence Tudor
2nd.....Betty.....Parsley/Brown.....Greg Brown

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2020 Male Vs Female Shoot-Out Results

2020 Male Vs Female Shoot-Out
Bainbridge, Ohio
Friday • October 16, 2020

MvF 101620

1st.....Chopper.....G & S Kennels.....Shannon Mizell
2nd.....Anna.....G & S Kennels.....Greg White
3rd.....Cruze.....Bo Mahaney.....Bo Mahaney
4th.....9.....Greg White.....Nate Terry