Crowville, LA Pro Hunt Results

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PKC Blue Ribbon "Pro" Hunt
Crowville, Louisiana
February 7-8, 2020

              20LA Crowille 1st0208
Congratulations to PCH WCH Thousand Dollar Bill, owner by Brandon Glass or Coy Sullivan of Ramer, TN, and handler by Coy Sullivan as our winners of the Crowville, LA Blue Ribbon “Pro” Hunt on Saturday February 8, 2020. Special “THANKS” to our full-time judges, Billy Johnson, Stanley Lucas, Jody Williams, and Dustin Lott. Also, a special “thank you” to the judges, guides, kitchen staff of the Crowville, LA Club and any and all that played a part in the success of this event. We truly appreciate each of you!

Final Four:

            20LA Crowville F4 0208

1st – Thousand Dollar Bill…..Glass/Sullivan…..Coy Sullivan

4th – Neosho River Squall…..Lyvers/Mayne/Wilson…..Cody Mayne

2nd – Wipeout Z…..Heath Johnson…..Dustin Weed

3rd – Rock Creek Sho Nuff Shady…..Anthony Tanton JR…..Landon Dodd

View Semi-Final Cast Matchups here:

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