New York News & Hunt Results

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Re: New York News & Hunt Results

Postby Matt Wilday » Mon May 01, 2017 6:23 am

Friday Open Event Final Four Hunted

Second place; 300+ E...25- L
WTF Bone Collector's Lacey … WTF Kennels … James Bassage

Fourth place; 225+ E...W/D L
Ole Half Face … Marshall/Carvill … Jim Carvill

Third place; 75+ E...125- L
Black Rocks Calamity Jane … Black Rock Kennel … Daniel Howell

First place; 250+ E...175+ L

Nowhere's Sun … Chad Spoor … Chad Spoor

- Other Cast Winner -

Wade's Red Busko 75-… Christopher Sweet … Christopher Sweet

Saturday Open Event $500 Added Final Four Hunted

First place; 550+ E...275+ L
WTF Bone Collector's Lacey … WTF Kennels … James Bassage

Fourth place; 250+ E...100- L
Cooper Creek Jep … Garrett Ayers… Garrett Ayers

Second place; 350+ E...50+ L
Bad Azz Abby … Harry Watkins … Waylon Morrell

Third place; 400+ E...25- L
Chic Ii With A Fatboy' … Marshall Or Carvill … Troy Marshall

- Other Cast Winners -

Weavers Stylish Ruger 175+… Jake Weaver … Jake Weaver

New York Wipeout Crackhead 150+... Martin/Grimes... Chad Martin

American Style 75+... Lynn McCormick... Lynn McCormick

Congratulations to all of the winners this weekend. A special thank you, to all of the judges, guides, kitchen staff and to the Branchport club for hosting the 2017 New York State Championship.
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Re: New York News & Hunt Results

Postby Hunter R Choquette » Sun May 07, 2017 1:47 pm

Saturday May 6
West Eaton $50 open
4 dogs
Winner: Girl
Handler-Waylon Morrell Owner-Lynn Baciuska Jr
Thanks to everyone who came

Joel D Nicholas
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Re: New York News & Hunt Results

Postby Joel D Nicholas » Sun May 14, 2017 8:02 pm

Yankee Jamboree

Thanks to all that come down and supported the event throughout the week. Weather was good rain free and every cast winner had plus points. Entries where down but we had fun.

Congrats to Nick Pieters he won everynite he entered this week and he went home with a pile of money!


3 dogs - CW Hyde 200+ Ray Hilliker


4 dogs - CW Hyde 125+ Scott Rebmann


3 dogs - CW Lucy 150+ Joel Nicholas

Thursday $500 added

8 dogs

Cast Winners
Outlaw - Eric Gross 225+
Heat - Nick Pieters 175+


Friday $500 added

7 dogs

Cast Winners
Nick Pieters and Heat 125+
Brock Stadler and Hadley 225+


Saturday $500 added

10 dogs

CAST Winners hunted for placement

3rd place
Nick Pieters and Heat
150+ early Late WD

First place
Chad Spoor and Sun
Early 450+ Late 425+

2nd place
Joel Nicholas and Lucy
175+ early 225+ late

Jerry Moll
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Re: New York News & Hunt Results

Postby Jerry Moll » Fri Jun 23, 2017 1:01 pm

PKC New York State Association Minutes of Meeting – Branchport, NY
—April 28, 2017—

Meeting called to order at 6:30 PM by New York State President Matt Wilday with 26 Members Present.

2016 meeting minutes were read and accepted. Treasurer's report: Youth escrow $563.80, State escrow $2,922.67 was read and accepted.

New Business:
-Shocking/tracking-collar proposal passed and goes into effect May 1, 2017.
-Deer raffle tickets proceeds remaining balance: approximately $4,000
-Discussed possibility of doing a gun raffle this year or next. Josh Woods and John McMaster will meet with Jim Snell to work out details.

2018 State Hunt Location. Copenhagen, Branchport, and Fort Plain will all discuss hosting the state hunt with their membership during their next meeting and get back to Matt Wilday.

Nor'Easter: Jim Snell is the chairman and will be contacting clubs shortly.

Congratulations were given to James Bassage for placing in the Final Four of the Fall Junior Super Stakes with WTF Bone Collector's Lacey.

Nick Peters was congratulated for winning the Youth Showdown in Lula, Mississippi with Fightin' Side's Little Heat. James Bassage earned Top 6 at the Spring Sophomore Super Stakes with Jim's Son James. Gordy Scott and Waylon Morrell won the Spring Sophomore Super Stakes with S&M Trashy Jewel.

Plaques were handed out for:
-2016 State Champion, Legend's Stylish Rooster, owned by Shane Ghostlaw and handled by Matt Wilday.
-2016 Youth State Champion, Zachary Martin, handling New York Wipeout Boogie Man.
-2016 State Race, Lone Pine Hyde Collector, owned by Hilliker and Rebman, earning $3,276.86.
-2016 State Money Leader, Zachary Martin, earning $1,063.29.

Meeting adjourned: 6:50 PM
Submitted by PKC NY State Association President Matt Wilday

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